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Anna Noble - Evening Indoor Grids for course jumping Clinic
Dressage, Eventing, Showjumping, Other
Thu 11 Jul 2024
Thu 11 Jul 2024
Online Entry
Sun 09 Jun 2024
Tue 09 Jul 2024
This is an Anna Noble  gridwork clinic open to members and non-members of all abilities. Anna is a BHS Accredited Coach is brilliant at fun exercises getting you and your horse to prepare for jumping courses.
Groups of 4 Max.
Venue is Tollard Royal Equestrian Centre in their fabulous 20 x 60 indoor arena. 
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Parking is in the car park in front of the indoor arena, NOT at the livery yard. Please park with consideration for others.

By entering this clinic you confirm that your horse's vaccinations are up to date. Spot checks may be carried out.

*Please view our refund Policy which is available on the website in relation to all RC clinics.*

Insurance: All Riding Club members attending the clinic are covered by third party insurance. Anyone attending who is NOT a riding club member, including non-riders, should take out their own third party & personal accident Insurance.
Neither the Shillingstone & District Riding nor the owner of Equipoise Limited accept any liability for any loss, accident or damage to any person, 
animal or property occurring in connection with this event.  Any loss or damage to property remains the responsibility of the person causing the damage to repair / replace / make good.

Non-members: Please insert your email address / mobile contact details in case they are needed. 

PROTECTIVE HEADWEAR must be worn at all times by anyone, riding anywhere at a RC clinic or event. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened at all times while mounted and must meet the current standards.

A properly fitting hard riding hat current to British standards and footwear with heels must be worn at all times whilst mounted, back protectors are recommended at Equipoise Limited
No lunging in the arena
Any fences that are damaged or seen to be damaged must be reported to a member of Equipoise Limited
All visitors are to ensure droppings are thoroughly picked up before leaving the arena.
Please ensure droppings are picked up and taken home from the parking area.
All accidents must be reported and an accident report completed by a member of Equipoise Limited
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
Equipoise Limited has a no smoking policy
We reserve the right to cancel sessions due to adverse weather conditions, a full refund will be given if this occurs.