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Mon 01 Apr 2024
Mon 01 Apr 2024
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Mon 20 Nov 2023
Mon 01 Apr 2024
Sparket Membership is voluntary.
Sparket Membership enables participation in the Sparket Points series.
I don’t want to charge a big fee, so, for everyone who joins before 1st May, its only £4 Membership.
Membership is per combination, so if you have 2 horses, then its 2 Memberships.
In order the get the Membership going, rates increase as the year goes on.
£4 Membership up until 1st April, £10 Membership 1st April onwards. No Membership available after 31st May. 
It helps the paperwork if people pay Membership early, so pls get the £4 Memberships!
Sparket Points will be added up for all Classes in the same way as in previous years, and then Points Members will be able to purchase rosettes and/or sashes should they wish.
Sparket Points will also be used to decide which top combinations will be qualify for STARS Champions of Champions which will be held at Aintree Equestrian Centre in November.
Members will be able to purchase SPARKET POINTS rosettes/sashes and Members will be able to qualify for STARS.