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1 BYEH - 4 Year Olds
£44.40 Expand or collapse this item
2 BYEH - 5 Year Olds
£44.40 Expand or collapse this item
Burgham International BYEH Qualifer
Eventing, Other
Wed 26 Jul 2023
Wed 26 Jul 2023
Online Entry
Tue 06 Jun 2023
Fri 21 Jul 2023

Jane Tolley – Dressage 
Helen Bell– Jumping & Gallop
Liz Morley – Suitability & Type

9.30am – approx. start
For 4 year olds	

1.30pm approx. start
For 5 year olds


JUDGING: 	SECTION I 	Dressage Test 	35 marks
		followed by	
	SECTION II	Jumping	40 marks
		Followed by 	
	SECTION III	Gallop	5 marks
	SECTION IV	Conformation & Quality	20 marks
ENTRY FEE:	£44.40 (including VAT at 20%)

PRIZE MONEY:	1st	£75	2nd 	£50	3rd 	£35
(Minimum)	4th 	£25 (over 15 starters)	5th 	£25 (over 20 starters)	6th 	£25 (over 30 starters)

QUALIFIERS:	1 qualifier	1-12 starters	)
)	Subject to finishing in the top 5 placings – this is applicable where previously qualified horses are placed higher up the line.
	2 qualifiers	13-24 starters		
	3 qualifiers	25-36 starters		
	4 qualifiers	Over 37 starters	)	
Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse Series 2023 Conditions
1. Horses must exceed 148cm without shoes.
2. Age: Open to horses born in 2018 & 2019.
3. Saddlery: (warm-up and competition): tack as per British Eventing Rules for Novice Dressage - snaffle bridle only, see website Running martingale only and front boots are optional for sections I, II and III. However, NO hind boots or bandages of any kind may be worn in the collecting ring, warm-up area or actual class. Jumping whip only allowed (max length 75cm).
4. Dress: As for British Eventing Novice Dressage Test/Hunting Dress. British Eventing/BHS approved hat and harness to be worn for all sections.
5. Vaccinations:
6. Opening Date:
7. Closing Date:
In the event of over subscription this class may be closed early.
8. Balloting: In the event of over subscription entries received for horses that have already
qualified for the Final will be balloted first.
9. Entries:
10. Withdrawals:
11. Starting Times:
12. Conflict of Interest: Within the equestrian community there may be times when conflicts occur. For guidance, it has been determined that a perceived/potential conflict of interest could arise in the event that an appointed judge has a previous or current connection to a horse entered in the competition. Examples of such connections and interests include, but not limited to, the following. The judge has; bred or previously owned the horse or acted as an agent in its sale; previously competed, trained or kept the horse at livery; previously or currently had a financial or other interest in the horse. In the event that a judge/owner/rider (or their agent) knows of, or should know of, any potential and/or perceived conflict of interest in a horse entered in the competition they must declare this to the Organiser as soon as it is known. Steps will be taken to manage it as practically as possible. Any potential conflicts will be written and displayed next to the scoreboard. Conflicts at the Final will be avoided and managed by Burghley Horse Trials.
13. It is a condition of entry that all riders, owners, grooms, and their connections/relatives, must conduct themselves and communicate in a respectful manner towards the public, officials, and all other parties present or entered in the competition. Such behaviour includes respect for the Judges and their decisions, which are final. Offensive behaviour, and/or other violations of this condition, may lead to sanctions such as disqualification and future bans.