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EquiStable™ 'Balance for Riding' Off Horse Sessions
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EquiStable™ 'Balance for Riding' Off Horse Sessions
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Sat 14 May 2022
Sat 14 May 2022
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Tue 26 Apr 2022
Wed 11 May 2022
EquiStable are running ‘Balance for Riding’ classes in their Pilates Studio; an off-horse class where you can improve and challenge your balance. The session will include balance exercises using wobble cushions, foam rollers and gym balls which are all provided. Turn up in riding gear or sports kit for this fun and challenging class with like minded riders. Sessions are 1 hour.

Rider balance in the saddle is important! It keeps us in the saddle and stops us falling off and hurting ourselves. But good balance also allows us to relax in the saddle and this, in turn, allows our horses to move freely and efficiently underneath us. 

EVERY rider should be constantly striving towards developing an independent seat; this is the ability to remain in balance over the horses centre of gravity without gripping, leaning or hanging onto the reins. The independent seat doesn’t only create a harmonious picture of horse and rider but also improves performance and reduces the risk of injury to both.

On-horse balance exercises are an excellent way to improve your riding balance but can be difficult to focus on and many horses aren’t suitable for good, old-fashioned lungeing lessons with any regularity. 

Megan Rees runs these Balance for Riding sessions. Megan is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer, and has completed Testt (Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests) training with world renowned Andy Thomas of Event Physio. Megan previously evented to FEI2* and now competes in Dressage at Prix St George. 

TIMES - Times for your session will be shared on the Wednesday prior to the clinic date. Please specify in the booking notes if you're looking for a particular time. 

Individual sessions can be accommodated, let us know your requirements.

Please email with any questions.

VENUE address: Bournefield Animal Rehabilitation Centre, Union Road, Bradfield, Reading, Berks, RG7 6AA. 

WITHDRAWAL policy: If notification of withdrawal is given more than 14 days in advance of event date a refund will be issued minus a 10% admin fee. If notification of withdrawal is given less than 14 days but more than 48 hours in advance a transfer or refund can be offered only when your space can be filled from the waitlist. If your space can be filled from the waitlist (prior to 48 hours) a refund will be issued minus a 10% admin fee. Withdrawals made less than 48 hours before the event, for whatever reason, are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled we will refund the amount you paid minus any processing or services fees using the same payment method used for purchase.