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Working Equitation Clinic
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Sat 05 Dec 2020
Sat 05 Dec 2020
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Wed 09 Sep 2020
Tue 15 Sep 2020
What combines the skill of dressage, the thrill of speed events, the agility of a handy pony class, and the bravery of a working horse? That would be working equitation (WE)!

For the first time in the Midlands join us for an hour and a half in small groups to learn more and have a go at this great sport. It will start with a demonstration and lead on to a have a go taster session in which you and your horse will try the different elements and obstacles before putting it all together.

The session will be hosted by Jo Green who has been loving and competing in this great sport for the past three years. This year's National competitions have just ended with the finals being held at Hickstead, where Cadencia and Jo ended the year placed third in the Advanced level. Which goes to show anyone who has a passion for their pony can achieve amazing things!

 Working Equitation involves four phases—dressage; ease of handling with obstacles; speed with obstacles; and, in the highest-level events, cattle handling. There are classes for all levels of experience, from walk and trot, through Novice, Intermediate and up to Advanced level, which includes Grand Prix dressage moves and is ridden one handed.

WE broadens a horse’s scope and teaches them to be a good partner in any equine sport you care to pursue. It is especially good for improving dressage skills. The obstacle course is not only fun, it hones your aids. Success in the Speed Phase requires impulsion, straightness and accuracy.

WE combines gymnastic aspects of classical dressage and the skills and fitness required of horses working stock in the field, on the farm, or across country. Put a few obstacles in a dressage lesson and suddenly you create purpose and meaning to something that previously had no meaning for the horse, and required great imagination of the rider.

Whether your passion is dressage, jumping, eventing, endurance, hacking or groundwork, the experience you and your horse will gain from WE training is perfectly transferable and beneficial to every other discipline. And it is so much fun and any horse can do it!

Sessions are £25 per rider lasting an hour and a half.