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9th August Rally Scotsburn
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This class is for the second member of a household to receive a discounted price.
9th August Rally Scotsburn
Pony Club
Sun 09 Aug 2020
Sun 09 Aug 2020
Online Entry
Tue 21 Jul 2020
Sun 02 Aug 2020
We require to maintain a record of every individual who attends any activity. Therefore you must provide full contact details (address, mobile phone and e-mail). 
Access and Field Gates 
The field gate must be kept shut at all times to prevent a loose pony being able to get to the main road.
Wipe the gate before opening and after closing. Please bring cleaning wipes and a rubbish bag with you and wipe the gate before and after touching it then dispose of the wipe in your bag and take it home with you
Vehicles to be parked to the left after entering the field.
Horse boxes and trailers must be a minimum distance of 5 metres from an adjacent vehicle. 
This distance must include space required for a horse to be tied to the side of the vehicle. There is no shortage of space. 
Do not allow anyone not in your household into your vehicle.
Social distancing, 2 metres apart, must be adhered to at all times.
Do not share tack or other equipment between different families. No sharing of food or water bottles.