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Online Unaffiliated Dressage
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2 OPEN - Intro C
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3 RESTRICTED - Prelim 2
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4 OPEN - Prelim 13
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5 RESTRICTED - Novice 24
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6 OPEN - Novice 34
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Online Unaffiliated Dressage
Dressage, Other
Wed 10 Jun 2020
Wed 10 Jun 2020
Online Entry
Tue 19 May 2020
Wed 10 Jun 2020
Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19, we have decided to put on an online dressage competition. This is a fantastic way to still compete whilst all the other competitions have closed as well as staying safe whilst doing so. It is easy to do as there is no travelling, no stress and no public. There is a variety of classes to chose from and you have 3 weeks to upload your test. We have a listed British Dressage judge to score each and every test. After the closing date (10/06/2020) your score sheets and rosettes will be posted to you with in 2 weeks.
You will need to enter your class on EQUO then send your video entry to via 'WeTransfer'.
You will then be notified once your video has been accepted. All videos must be sent and accepted by 10/06/2020.


General Rules:
1.Gloves must be worn
2. No martingales or non-permitted tack including bit guards (See BD Rules)
3. Film must be taken from C (judges position) where possible (otherwise from E or B)
4. Your horse or pony must wear boots or bandages if wearing competition attire.
5. If filming on a smartphone, hold the device in the landscape orientation
6. Zooming - you must include some zoom when the rider is at the A end of the arena
7. The sound must be on in the video
8. Competition wear and plaiting is not a necessity 
9. All classes must be held in a 20 x 40 arena
10. The same combination may not enter intro if they are entered in Novice.
11. The RESTRICTED section is for combinations which are new to dressage. You can NOT enter the restricted section if you have scored over 70% in Intro, over 68% in Prelim or over 66% in Novice on 3 or more occasions. 
12. The OPEN section is for combinations who are experienced and usually score high at other competitions.
13. The rider and horse's name should be announced at the beginning of the video.