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Rider Physio Clinic
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1 Rider Physio Session
Private 60 minute session. Please indicate any time preference. 
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Private 60 minute session. Please indicate any time preference. 
Rider Physio Clinic
Sat 07 Mar 2020
Sat 07 Mar 2020
0780 1418681
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Tue 18 Feb 2020
Fri 06 Mar 2020
Our aim is to assess you as a rider and identify where you have imbalances, address them and see the effect on your horse. This will then give you an individualised programme to help correct the problems identified. 
Kim Gunstone is a veterinary and chartered physiotherapist.  This gives her the ideal skills to assess you as rider with the knowledge of the horse’s movement. Joanna Wilkie BHSII is an experienced instructor and rider, with a particular interest on how rider’s position affects the horse’s way of going.
At the joint rider clinic you have an opportunity to first have yourself assessed by Joanna and Kim on your horse. Then have a short treatment by Kim off your horse and then back on your horse to put your new found ‘balance’ into practice in a ridden session with Joanna.