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1 Dressage - Unaffiliated - Introductory - C(2016)
£14.00 Discount Pricing £12.00 Expand or collapse this item
2 Dressage - Unaffiliated - Preliminary - 19(2008)
£14.00 Discount Pricing £12.00 Expand or collapse this item
3 Dressage - Unaffiliated - Novice - 23(2012)
£14.00 Discount Pricing £12.00 Expand or collapse this item
4a Dressage - Unaffiliated - Elementary - 53(2007)
£14.00 Discount Pricing £12.00 Expand or collapse this item
4b Dressage - Unaffiliated - Medium - 69(2005)
£14.00 Discount Pricing £12.00 Expand or collapse this item
HDRC Championship Show
Sat 07 Mar 2020
Sat 07 Mar 2020
Online Entry
Mon 10 Feb 2020
Fri 28 Feb 2020
This event is ONLY open those who have qualified at the HDRC winter dressage shows held in November 2019, January 2020 and February 2020. (it will be for the combinations that have been placed 1st - 3rd in each class overall - Juniors and Seniors are combined for the qualification)
Wildcards will be issued dependent upon numbers entering, and eligible combinations will be contacted directly. 
The qualification cannot be passed to another combination, and the qualification is for the horse and rider combination only, a different horse or rider cannot be substituted. 

No refunds following the close of entries.

The arena will be 20 x 40m for the Intro class, the remaining classes will be 20 x 60m.

Rules are stated on the schedule and will follow BRC / BD rules.

Junior and seniors will NOT be separated in the classes.

Prize giving will be held at the end of each class once all results are in.  The winter dressage league points winners will also be presented on this day.