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Specialist Saddlery Information Day
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Coaches, Riders, all interested parties
This includes lunch, tea/coffee & cakes
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£20.00 Discount Pricing £15.00
This includes lunch, tea/coffee & cakes
Specialist Saddlery Information Day
Wed 06 Nov 2019
Wed 06 Nov 2019
Online Entry
Mon 19 Aug 2019
Sat 02 Nov 2019
Sun 03 Nov 2019
This is a rare & very exciting opportunity to have 6 specialist saddlery companies Wow, Bates, Fairfax, Voltaire, Childeric, Devoucoux, all together to see their products and receive a talk from each about their technology behind their designs.
Lunch, tea/coffee & cakes included.
Question & Answer sessions.
Promotional goodie bags for all attendees.
Prize draw in aid of Grass Sickness fund.
Open to everyone.