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Unaffiliated dressage at Stone Lodge Equestrian Centre
A fixed booking fee of £1.50 will be applied to your basket.
Event Class
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1 Intro A
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2 Intro B
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3 Preliminary 13
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4 Preliminary 18
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5 Novice 28
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Unaffiliated dressage at Stone Lodge Equestrian Centre
Sun 29 May 2016
Sun 29 May 2016
0777 625 3981
Online Entry
Thu 07 Apr 2016
Thu 26 May 2016
Intro A
10am 1.Leigh Hatton - Monty
10:05am 2.Shelia Mitchell – Molly’s Puzzel
Intro B
10:10am 3.Karen Larder - Bonnie
10:15am 4. Rebecca Rayner – Maggie May
10:20am 5. Shelia Mitchell – Molly’s Puzzel
10:25am 6.Chloe Lavery – Honey B
10:30am 7.Shopia Ryan - Danny
10:35am 8. Katie Gill – Wound of a thorn
Prelim 13
10:45am 9. Claire Taylor – Taking the Biscuit
10:50am 10. Katie Gill – Wound of a thorn
10:55am 11. Chloe Lavery – Honey B
11am 12. Emma Cromwell – Lillas Forest
11:05am 13. Claire Goodyear - Tom
11.10am 14. Claire Taylor – Bruel Juno
Prelim 18
11.20am 15. Emma Cromwell – Lillas Forest
11.26am 16. Tracey McGarry – The Skylark
11.32am 17. Claire Goodyear - Tom
11.38am 18. Claire Taylor – Bruel Juno
11.44am 19. Claire Goulty - Izzi
11:50am 20. Lisa Hayley-Ford = Spice-Zee
11:56am 21. Laura Schofield – Vice Versa
12:02pm 22. Richard Neale – Wee Tom
Novice 28
12:15pm 23. Tracy McGarry – The Skylark
12:21pm 24. Laura Schofield – Vice Versa
12.27pm 25. Richard Neale – Wee Tom
12.33pm 26. Nicole Cooper – Million Dollar Bill
12.39pm 27. Alan Stead – Udelien
12.45pm 28. Sarah Bache - Sarah
Open to everyone! Call 07776253981 for more details.
Online entry by equo only.
Intro A
Intro B
Preliminary 13
Preliminary 18
Novice 28

*If you need to withdraw and require a refund then notice must be given at least 48 hours before. 
*Refunds are not given to no shows and withdrawals.
*Weather permitting.
*All competitors must be appropriately dressed in competition wear, including a up to standard riding hat & boots. 
*No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for anything that may happen to competitors, spectators, their property or horses/ponies in connection with this show. It shall be considered a condition of entry that each entrant agrees to indemnify the promoters against any legal action arising therefrom. 
*The organisers retain the right to refuse entry, change the schedule and to cancel any class with insufficient entries. 
*Prize money given to places 1st to 6th are subject to the number of entries. 
*The judges decision is final.
*Children must be supervised at all times.