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Equistable™ Rider Balance Clinic with Megan Rees
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Equistable™ Rider Balance Private Session - LIVERY
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Equistable™ Rider Balance Clinic with Megan Rees
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Sat 08 Jun 2019
Sat 08 Jun 2019
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Tue 07 May 2019
Thu 06 Jun 2019
Are you aware of your own riding weaknesses and asymmetries but not sure how to address them? Come and join our Equistable™ Rider Balance Clinic which focuses on the rider’s position and posture as well as improving core engagement. Learn how to create a more balanced seat and a better connection with your horse.
A rider’s altered biomechanics can cause performance issues in their horse whether you are a happy hacker or aiming to be the next Charlotte Dujardin. Positional problems are hugely frustrating for rider, trainer and horse. As a Chartered Physiotherapist and Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer, Megan can provide an insight into why you adopt a certain position and provide exercises to help you biomechanically more effective.
This session is aimed at assessing your position on your horse and using a variety of techniques to improve your symmetry, suppleness or strength. We use Visualise jackets, spiky balls and resistance bands to enable you to see and feel a more correct, balanced seat. 
These sessions are designed to help focus the rider’s energy and awareness onto themselves, they will heighten sensory awareness and help connect the brain to the body.
During each private 45 minute session you will receive:
•	Step by step instruction from Megan Rees, a Chartered Physiotherapist, Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer and Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist to improve your position, balance and alignment.
•	Easy and fun exercises to incorporate into your training
•	Principles that will improve your seat and effectiveness of aids

All ages and abilities welcome.

Times for your session will be shared on the Wednesday prior to the clinic date. Please specify in the booking notes if you're looking for a particular time. 

Venue - Bournefield Animal Rehabilitation Centre, Union Rd, Bradfield, Berks, RG7 6AA. We are part of a working farm with cattle in a barn and farm machinery. 

Please email with any questions.

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