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Mini Arena Eventing Series
Second Price: Pony Club Members £15
A fixed booking fee of £1.50 will be applied to your basket.
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Class 1 30/ 45cms Assistance / lead rein maybe given . No back poles
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Class 2 50/ 55cms
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Class 3 60/ 65cms
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Class 4 70/ 75cms
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Mini Arena Eventing Series
Eventing, Showjumping
Sun 13 Jan 2019
Sun 13 Jan 2019
01538 304433
Online Entry
Wed 05 Dec 2018
Fri 11 Jan 2019
Inviting Mini Arena X Country & Show Jumping on a surface, no ditches, banks or open water , designed to encourage riders & to give confidence.

Series Points 2019
How it works: Collect your points from any class throughout the season.
Points will be automatically allocated per placing 1st= 6 points, 2nd= 5 points, 3rd= 4 points, 4th= 3 points, 5th= 2 points, 6th= 1 point plus 2 points for entering.
There will be a prize for The Overall Points Champion at each height seniors & juniors & will be presented on the 31st March 2019.
Open to all no membership required.
Special series award to the highest placed Beaver Hall PC Member in each class

Competition details.
Involves a SJ course followed by a timed X Country section . Show Jumping starts with a bell after the last show jump there will be a second bell , riders may circle before or take a direct line to the first X Country fence. The winner will be the horse with the least penalty score, closest to the optimum time.
Dress code -XC attire including Body Protectors (compulsory)
Entries 48 hrs prior to the competition (unless full)
Times available day before.
SJ – disobedience or knockdown 4 penalties
2nd disobedience 8 penalties
3rd disobedience elimination
Fall of horse/ rider elimination
Starting before the bell elimination
Retaking obstacle already jumped elimination

Rosettes to 6th place
Cash Prizes 1st-3rd per  £20, £10, £10  if 5 1st, 10 1st & 2nd, 15 1st , 2nd & 3rd

Judges decision is final.

Withdrawals made before the close of entries are entitled to a full refund. Withdrawals made after this date are non refundable