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28 Dec 18 Affiliated Combined Training
A fixed booking fee of £1.50 will be applied to your basket.
Event Class
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Standard Entry Price
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Max Entries
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Class 1 Ideal Saddles Prelim 2/ 70cm SJ
£25.00 Expand or collapse this item
Class 2 Ideal Saddles Prelim 18/ 80cm SJ
£25.00 Expand or collapse this item
Class 3 Ideal Saddles Novice 24 / 90cm SJ
£25.00 Expand or collapse this item
Class 4 Ideal Saddles Novice 34/ 100cm SJ
£25.00 Expand or collapse this item
28 Dec 18 Affiliated Combined Training
Fri 28 Dec 2018
Fri 28 Dec 2018
07780 694535
Online Entry
Sun 25 Nov 2018
Fri 21 Dec 2018
Mon 24 Dec 2018
All riders and horses must hold a minimum of BD Club membership and be registered at time of entry and competing.
Qualifier open to horses/ponies of any level or grade in any discipline.
Children may ride horses from the beginning of the calendar year in which the age of 12 is reached.  Any age rider may ride ponies provided that the rider is of a suitable size for the pony.
Please refer to British Dressage rules online for more information.

Dressage & warm up in the 80m x 65m Fibretrack Outdoor arena & Showjumping & warm up in the 60m x 45m and 45m x 25m sand & fibre outdoor arenas.

The Wagon at Moreton open for refreshments.  Ample hard standing parking and day/overnight stables available - please text 07780 694535 for more details.
Times available 2 days before event between 3pm - 5pm by phoning 07780 694535 or on