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Holmside Hall Equestrian Arena Eventing Series
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Holmside Hall Equestrian Arena Eventing Series
Sun 19 Nov 2017
Sun 19 Nov 2017
07939 900934
Online Entry
Thu 17 Aug 2017
Mon 13 Nov 2017
New to Holmside Hall for the Winter 2017/18. Arena eventing - consisting of one round of showjumps straight into a round of simulated and portable XC fences all on a surface.  We have some excellent prizes lined up. Other dates for 2017 are November 19th and December 10th. 2018 dates to follow.
How it works
The fastest clear round wins (timed show jumping only)
There will be one round of fences in the arena, the first will be a show jumping section and will be timed.
The second section will be made up of XC type jumps i.e. roll tops, rustics, corners(in higher classes only) and skinnies  and will not be timed, but penalties will be awarded as follows :- 1st refusals =4 penalties, 2nd refusal = 8 penalties, 3rd refusal = elimination.
If a horse has a refusal at either element of a double in show jumping, both elements must be retaken, however if a refusal takes place at a XC combo the rider can choose to rejump the whole fence or just the part not yet jumped. 
Fall of horse or rider on any part of course = elimination.
All Competitors are strongly advised to wear back protectors. 
Cross country colours, jackets or shirts  may be worn, regulation hats and boots to standard please.